About Dog Nation

Our Mission

We are proud to provide fun dog hikes and dog walking services in Victoria, BC. Above everything else we care for your dog as if it were our own..

We provide a full range of services for you and your dog, including dog training, dog grooming and dog boarding. Find out more on our Services page! 

Meet the Team


Cory Joseph: I was raised with dogs since a young boy, but when I was given my very own dog (Baylo) to take care of at the age of 16 years I couldn’t contain my excitement. I read and learned as much as I could on how to look after him and train my new best friend. Baylo escaped the house when my family and I were moving and was struck by a taxi cab just days before my high school graduation. I was obviously devastated, I carry around Baylo`s collar to this day. The bond that Baylo and I built was the very reason I became a Dog Trainer. I traveled across Canada to Victoria in 2008 from my birth place of northern Ontario to honor Baylo by becoming a Certified Dog Trainer.  I like many others fell in love with the Island, the active lifestyle that is promoted and supported through all the pet friendly parks Victoria has to offer and have since made this my home. I have my own Border Collie Daigan. I have been a Certified Dog trainer since 2009; I have my K9 First Aid certificate. For my first year of training I ran my own business Pacesetters, when I was approached with an offer to lead in the start up and operations of a hydro therapy pool. I could not decline; the great experience I gained over a year, along with the friendships that I have forged built the foundation for the hydro therapy pool. We may have met if you have attended any of the 3 fundraisers that I had organized in the past for the SPCA, including a dog wash, a bottle drive or the Volleyball tournament at the Strathcona hotel. Since the hydro therapy pool I have founded Dog Nation.