What to Look For When Choosing The Right Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker can be a tough decision - this is a person who will be caring for one of your most important family members! When your choices range from nation-wide brands to the teenager up the street, it can be difficult to determine what the best fit for you and your pup will be.

We want to highlight what you should be looking for when choosing a dog walker to help you make a confident decision for you and your dog!

Are they Canine First Aid Certified? When choosing a dog walker, safety is always the first priority. People who care for pets as a hobby may not have the right training and experience to handle a medical emergency should something go wrong, so you should always check that they have canine first aid training that is current.

Do they come recommended? Everyone has to start somewhere, but with something as precious as your animal, you are going to want to look for someone who is experienced, and comes with many testimonials and referrals you can review.

Does their style match your dog? Different breeds have different needs, and while some may be fine with a quick bathroom break around the block, many dogs need more rigorous exercise that can be hard to accomplish outside of your 9-5. If your dog has loads of energy to burn, make sure that they are receiving enough exercise that their physical needs are being met.

Do they know the area well? Leaving your dog with someone who is an expert on the best dog walking and dog hiking locations means that your dog stays safe, while also having the most fun! Someone who knows the local terrain can easily find the best dog walking location given the weather and needs of the pack. This means that there is always somewhere new and exciting for your dog to explore!

Do they treat your dog like family? When you trust your dog in someone else’s care, you want to know that they have a heart for animals just like you do.  By seeing the way they treat their own animal, and the animals they care for, trust your gut and only choose someone that you feel will care for your dog as if they were their own!

We know that the choice of dog walker is an important one. That’s why at Dog Nation, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right choice for your and your dog! We think we check all the boxes - contact us today for a free consultation, and learn more about joining the Dog Nation pack!

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