Dog Nation Testimonials

We love hearing from our clients! It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling

"We have had Cory take out our young, energetic husky for a couple months now and we couldn’t recommend him more! We are so happy to come home to a tired pup on our long days away from home. We love seeing the pictures of the dogs out on their hikes and we have noticed an improvement in our pup since he started going out with Cory. We trust Cory completely in knowing he’s taking good care of our most important friend." - Maddie Millward

"I could not be happier with Dog Nation! Cory is a dog healer and my dog is so happy to go on hikes with him. He made a huge difference in my dog's happiness and self confidence. Amazing service. I always feel good and secure to leave my dog with him. I highly recommend him." - Huguette Barbot

"We've been using Dog Nation since Koah was 7 months old as we noticed he really wanted to play with dogs but was easily scared and turned growly/snappy REAL quick. Pack hikes let him meet dogs at his own pace, tired him out and didn't overwhelm him. Over half a year later he is a much more confident dog! He loves meeting new pups, but knows to give them space, has put on some much-needed muscle and can 'stay' for some great photos! 😆 Can't recommend Cory and Dog Nation enough!" - Carmela Rodriguez

"You guys are life savers. We really value your business, quality of service and trustworthiness."  - Buddy and Missy's Owners, Eva and Pete Sutherland

"I want to thank you for all you are doing for Mollie and Foxy and they are so very very happy and love coming on their adventures with you.  The fact that you said Foxy can become an off leash dog is unbelievable. You gave me such peace of mind when I was in hospital knowing how well Mollie was doing and being able to see the photos on Facebook and seeing her smily face out on her adventures was amazing and allowed me to heal. Well all I can say is you doing an amazing job and I am so grateful to you." - Viv

"I want to thank you for taking care of my dog, Freyja, as I was waiting for knee surgery. In 2 weeks I learned some training tips, for example, if a dog doesn't want to go in the direction you do, just change the direction by circling the opposite way and he will follow. Also I learned how to get Freyja from jumping on people. And that is on top of the amazing walks in large forests I didn't know existed. From the minute I met Cory and Bailey, I felt confident that my dog was being cared for. Thanks again" - Gail Kernius

"Thank you, Cory, for providing a great outdoor experience and training for my two whippets. They definitely enjoy the off-leash experience you provide, and I am thrilled about their relaxed attitude around other dogs since they’ve been going out with you. It’s a big difference from a few months ago when at least one of my dogs would often growl and bite if other dogs came close. Now they hop in your car and socialize with the other canine passengers. They are better behaved, in general, around other dogs.When I’m at work all day, it’s good to know that you’ll be collecting my dogs and giving them a good workout climbing mountain trails or circling nearby lakes. I love the short video clips you send after the walk too! I would be happy to recommend your services." - Lind